How to Enjoy ‘Dead Rising: Watchtower’ in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you have barely heard of Dead Rising or you’re a die hard fan of the game franchise, clear your schedule for tonight. Set the DVR to catch the Parks and Rec marathon later and look up from Bloodborne for just a minute – or, 125 minutes, to be exact. You heard me. You have a zombie movie to watch. For free!

Now, I know you like free stuff, and I’m willing to bet that you like movies. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to prep you for an epic night in – just you, Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, and some zombies (Oh, and Rob Riggle as Frank West. Did I forget to mention him?).

So grab your favorite device, boot up Crackle (it’s the orange one!), and find Dead Rising: Watchtower on the Featured Movies list. If you’re not sure which of your devices has the streaming service (hint: it’s probably all), check out our list here. Before settling in for the newest action horror zombie flick that doesn’t take itself too seriously (for the better!), make sure to grab these 5 things on your way to the couch. PS – you have our distinct approval to laugh, scream, and high-five your bros or girls. Or your cat. Gently.

1. Pizza.

Zombie Pizza GuyIt’s Friday night, and you’re going to watch a movie. What’s missing here? Pizza. Just make sure to order it so it arrives before you start the movie – nothing ruins the moment more than the pause button. Plus, your pizza guy might want to watch it too, so no spoilers!

What do we recommend? Here are some of our favorite pizza joints:

If that doesn’t work, just remember that there’s always DiGiorno. Though, does it really taste like delivery?

2. Beer. I mean… err… soda.*

Zombie With BeerCome on! Live a little. Kick your feet up and enjoy your favorite brew – I mean bubbly – I mean… never mind. Sit back and relax while dreaming up your plan should the zombie apocalypse start when you least expect it. Just don’t get too buzzed – you might need your brain later – or a zombie will!

What do we recommend? What’s your favorite brew? Here are some of ours:


  • Corona (It’s Sohrab’s favorite. Pour yourself a cold one, and don’t forget the lime!)
  • Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Sorry… had to.)
  • Guinness (Dark as a zombie’s soul?)

*Please, guys. Don’t forget to drink responsibly and, if you’re under 21, stick with the soda.

3. Friends.

zombie-loveYou need someone who has your back! Even Frank needed some backup. Gather your best buddies and get through the outbreak together. High fives are best reserved for friends, and might we suggest a drinking game or two? A swig for each zombie killed, and two if it’s a human. AND A WHOLE CAN IF A CHILD DIES! (They wouldn’t go that far… would they?)*

What do we recommend?

Sorry, you’re on your own for this one. But we’d be down to crash at your place for the viewing party – and the pizza!


4. Zombrex.

zombrex-t-shirt-designThis should be self-explanatory. Have you taken your dose today? You’re looking a little green…

What do we recommend?

… I got nothin’.



5. Whatever you can find to build a zombie weapon.

Frank West Zombie WeaponYou never know when you’ll need it! Grab what you can – just don’t forget the duct tape. And if you can’t find anything sharp, well, good thing we told you to grab some Zombrex! *backs away slowly*

What do we recommend?


Everything. Anything! That thing right there!


You made it to the wall! Tell us, how will you watch Dead Rising: Watchtower? If you’ve made an awesome zombie weapon, share it with us in the comments section below, on Facebook, or on Twitter, and some loot might find its way to your door…

[Via Crackle]

Author: Allegra Wilson

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  • Sohrab O.

    Gotta say, I had a really good time with this flick.