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Cute lady at the bus 13 wearing maroon hoodie Seeking Sex Meet

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Cute lady at the bus 13 wearing maroon hoodie

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Bhs seeking preferably a white girl or couple under lbs with some belly. Is my Domme out there. It's about ACTION. Feel the boom m4w im home alone for the day and seeking for a lady or ladies who are interested in some NSA fun. I am seeking a Female who is specifiy submisisve and who knows what that word means.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Ready Horny People
City: Houston, TX
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Couple Searching Top Free Dating Sites

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Silver Mercedes Benz, tall black man built like a football player dressed in jogging suit. When she said no, he got mad, beat her, and threw her out of the car.

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Pennsylvania and Central. White Dodge Ram truck, tthe cab. Native man, 5 ft 9 in tall, slender. Offers to take girls to Tijeras. Wears glasses that cameras to record the girls. Picked girl up near Domingo Rd NE.

Hispanic male short black hair clean cut nicely dressed. Woman was walking on Zuni, past a group of Girls looking for boys cars, and noticed man watching. She went across the street and down a side street but he drove ahead of her, parked, turned off his lights and got out of his car. The woman went into a four-plex wearig complex and banged on some doors to get help.

She ended up trapped as he came into the complex. She told him that he scared her and needed to leave.

He said she looked like she needed help and asked what the cops had been doing on Zuni. The woman called and he finally left. Early morning. Really nice then drugged girl. He was touching girl and trying to take her stuff when she woke up. Utah St. Woman ended up with multiple bruises. Took her to apartment in the neighborhood, immediately chained Strapon sex morgantown kentucky door and took out a knife.

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Louisiana and Central. Black man, security guard. Paid and did date, then started to beat her and tried to run her. Might have gun. Threatened to shoot girl. Seen at 2 am and then at 6 pm.

Red Suburban. Beat girl. Lives at San Antonio and San Pedro. Chased girl on foot until he caught her in parking lot.

Raped. Texas and Central. Stuff piled in. White man, 30s, short hair, nice at.

After date was over, started beating girl. Had knife.

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Multiple Attacks: Short, black guy about 40 years old.

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Nice at first, paid for date, then attacked girl with a knife. Tells girls he is trying to kill. Wyoming ay Central. White four-door car. Raped her and held her for two days in a gated parking lot near McDonalds.

She has seen him twice since near Central Millionaires club matchmaking bravo tv Tennessee. White pick-up truck. He took her to Allsups to get a drink and then she woke up in the ATC and her bike was gone.

She believes she was drugged. Tan Ford Explorer.

Cute lady at the bus 13 wearing maroon hoodie

Bald, Hispanic, mid-thirties. Asked for a date, took her to Bull Head Park, then threatened girl. Florida and Cochiti. White 4Door Jeep. Central and Dallas. Gold Yukon SUV. Maybe same suspect as.

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Interior is either gray or black. Cute lady at the bus 13 wearing maroon hoodie man, late 30ss, average height, stocky, short dark hair. Took girl to Utah and Zuni. When girl tried to leave car, he violently pulled her back in. She broke away, but he followed. She has seen his car every night since and he tries to follow.

Lives off San Pedro in the apartments behind the flea market. Tells girl to say that she loves him and is her girlfriend. White man with dark features, about 45 years old. Kidnaps women, blindfolds them, takes to house where women and kids are.

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Black man, mid 40s, short and bald.