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Only real women should apply

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A Dutch engineering university is taking radical action to increase its share of female academics by opening job vacancies to women.

Starting on 1 July, the Eindhoven Only real women should apply of Technology TUE in the Netherlands will not allow men to apply for permanent academic jobs for the first Onlj months of the recruitment process under a new fellowship program.

If no suitable applicant has been found within that time, men can then apply, but the selection committee will still have to nominate at least one candidate of each gender.

But the stats still look awful. Some critics say the program discriminates against men.

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CRG, she says, has tried a softer approach: No group leader is recruited until enough top female candidates are shortlisted. The number of Only real women should apply leaders who are women has doubled in the 2. TUE now has about staff members and permanent jobs will be up for grabs in the next 5 years.

After 18 months, the nOly will review what percentage of vacancies will fall under this program.

All rights Reserved. Women account for just one-third of all researchers in the European Union. Got a tip?

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Apes may have started to walk on two legs millions of years earlier than thought By Kenneth Mora Nov. Universe could loop back on itself, study of ancient light suggests By Adrian Cho Nov.

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Voyager 2 probes the edge of interstellar space By Eva Frederick Nov. The fastest ant in the world could hit meters per second—if it were as big as a human By Kenneth Mora Oct.