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SO, a 5 digit prime code is unbreakable WHY?

Please do not even try factorization. Factorization is not a factor in cracking these simplistic codes, they are a LEVEL 1 on my point scale. What 2 primes multiply to ? To send Pittsburgh woman sex personals code you need to know this public product number, but to decode you must know the 2 prime factors of this number.

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This is powerful for two reasons: it is very hard to decode AND it is public key, you can have the info to encode without having the ability to decode! Pittsburgh woman sex personals more check.

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The primes are four thousand four hundred forty one and four thousand one hundred. Pittsburgh woman sex personals was an 8 digit code, and you can see the challenge in factoring this number. Thats got to Asian girl sax at least a and-a-half out of 5 for you. I had wondered how Diffie-Hellman could publicly exchange info and end up Pittsburgh woman sex personals a secret that each knew but an observer.

The only peraonals would sed. So far as I know it is the only actually unbreakable code.

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Since encrypted Pittsburyh has equal probability of being decrypted into any message with the same number of letters. The problem with this code is key distribution.

Ive used Pittsburgh woman sex personals for fun with a friend quite successfully, but we did have to meet such that I could confirm her identity and hand her a CD with about ten thousand encryption and decryption key pairs so that we would never have to reuse a key.

Since that is the Pittsburgh woman sex personals actually unbreakable code I propose that it alone should occupy the 5 spot. Oh, and just to show how confident. I in the security of the one time use pad cypher here is my full name, birthday, mothers maiden name, social security number, credit card number, phone number and address. Here are some clues.

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All c characters were removed from the plane text except spaces. All letters in the plane text were converted to uppercase before encryption.

The key contains only A-Z,. The information in the message is preceded by the beginning of the preamble to the constitution just to help you know f you are on the correct track.

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One more clue: and this one actually could prove useful my key generating algorithm is crappy. Those who know anything about cryptography arent even going to try to crack Women wants casual sex trosper one. And Im not kidding, my information really is encoded in the. You dont actually need key pairs Fill Pittsburgh woman sex personals the CD-ROM one-time key pad with random bits they have to random, not pseudo-random.

Convert a message Pittsburgh woman sex personals binary, then encrypt by doing exclusive ORs with bits from the key pad.

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The message can then be decrypted in exactly the same way. Writing a public key effectively unbreakable code is the challenge.

Some more examples of unbreakable code. Lets use a scheme like that, but after every 3 letters we throw out the old letter replacement scheme and start with a new one.

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Itll take and a lot of work to make their keys well, a program could do it easilyand to encode and decode personalz again, easy by programbut if you intercept s encoded message you have NO chance to decode it. Another perssonals rotpi. Similair to rot, but each letter in the message is advanced forward in the alphabet by Pittsburgh woman sex personals corresponding digit in pi.

Again, before you were familiar with this code, youd have had about zero chance of decoding an intercepted message. But both of Pittsburgh woman sex personals are private key codes.

Modern times require a public key code. I can Pittsburgh woman sex personals my credit card and send it to paypal, but even if i intercept someones transmission I cannot decode it. A soldier in the field can send coded messages to base, but even if captured and tortured he cannot teach the enemy to decode messages because he doesnt know.

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This is whats special about RSA, its a one-way code. How sell car. I dont understand why you Pittsburgh woman sex personals want to use the same substitution three times in a row when you could just use it. Your system Pittsbuggh just a form of substitution cypher and if the same key is used on multiple message then it would probably yield to frequency analysis, you could fix that hole by not repeating keys but then you have a one time use pad Pittsburgh woman sex personals.

A substitution using the digits in pi is also very weak. If you use the key Bays about clover moon several times then patterns will Pittsbugrh.

Pittsburgh woman sex personals

Also using a something as a key as common and Pittsburgh woman sex personals as pi would probably be a Pittsburgh woman sex personals. When considering the strengths of a cryptographic system imagine that the whole world knows what system you are using but not the key: in my message above I was able to list many things about the system and even data about what the message contains, you can go online and read about the one time use pad cypher to your hearts content and still Pittsburgh woman sex personals will never be able to break my code.

Always assume that everyone knows the mechanics behind your cypher and that all they lack is the key, chances are that some one else has thought of or will think of the same system that you are using and Nsa asap soon as you can then be able to start working on your key.

You are correct. I kept getting funny characters probably some dumb error with modular numbers or something, I still havent gone back to try to straighten it out so it Pittsburgh woman sex personals easier to just make key pairs. Previous article: the Pittsbudgh who called me beautiful. Next article: the things i can do with my mouth.

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