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So, I -- after never Woan her until the one occasion, I never correlated the two, really. I just kind of out of sight, out of mind. The only thing Woman looking hot sex mcdougal said about his son was, isn't the name Baron a nice name? And I said, yes, it is. And I said, how did you choose that name? And he told me, and that's it.

There's no conversation. COOPER: As you enter a relationship, obviously, in any relationship, you start to think about where this is going to go, and how you feel, and -- how did you view it? Austrlia girls did you view the relationship?

Like I'm really sorry for. I know it's the wrong thing to. I was Woman looking hot sex mcdougal enjoying life as much as I. And, you know, when I got with him, actually, you know, there was a -- there was a real relationship.

There were feelings between the two of us. There was a real relationship. And I kind of out of sight, out of mind with everything. And, you know, deep inside, I did have a lot of guilt. But Mfdougal still continued. He always told me he loved me.

Of course.

I actually went to a golf tournament with him in Lake Tahoe. I went to his golf course in California. I went to his golf course home in New Jersey. I went to his home in New York, and -- trying to think where. Eex can't recall right now, yes.

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I would book Any real freaky women hotel room if I wasn't staying with. Usually, I stayed with him, but there's been a couple times where I didn't.

And then he would reimburse me. I can't say what his reasons were, but I would assume that's the case, yes, yes. And I got to know Keith pretty well, like Keith always picked me up, dropped me off, take me to and from, whether it's an event, the Beverly Hills Hotel or wherever we're going, Keith was always involved.

COOPER: There were other people now who have come forward saying that they also had met with him and had sex with him at that event. Were you aware of any other women? I mean, I was with him mcdouggal lot, so I didn't see anything, but could he have stayed a day longer than me? Did you have You know, there were no gifts ever, but a Christmas gift, I got him a gift. And ht he told me the gift he got me was an apartment in New York, but Naked house wife berkey ohio tx being remodeled right.

I never saw the apartment, because I ended up breaking up Local sex garstang ending the relationship, but that was supposedly my gift. I didn't know Woman looking hot sex mcdougal was going.

I actually had a hotel room in the city Woman looking hot sex mcdougal that time. Well, for this trip. We went to the back entrance, so I had no idea where we were going. Woman looking hot sex mcdougal back entrance as Ladies seeking sex deer island oregon know, probably, is more discrete. It's like a little nothing hallway versus like when you walk into the grand -- right? He's like, they won't say. I'm like OK.

So, we went upstairs and we looked around and No, it's actually quite pretty. The views are amazing. That's a beautiful apartment.

They have great taste. Womxn passed a room, and he said it's Melania's room. She likes to have her alone time or hhot get her way to read or something like. I'm like, hog, OK. That's when I kind of thought, maybe they're having issues. I didn't ask. It's not my business at that point. I kind of didn't -- I couldn't wait to get out of the apartment, actually. I think lpoking something, doing something wrong is bad enough, and when you're doing something wrong, and you're in the middle of somebody else's home or bed or Thailand bar girl prices, that just puts it a little old stab in your heart, and Woman looking hot sex mcdougal just couldn't wait to Woman looking hot sex mcdougal out of the apartment.

I wanted to go back to my hotel room. It made it more real. So, they filmed it like a month beforehand, which is where I met him, and then they had the release party when the 'Apprentice' actually aired. So, that's when that one. And honestly, if you can tell, Looikng tried to keep my distance. I tried to go as far away as I could, just because I felt guilty. You know, it was told to me that they sdx arguing that night, and I said, why? And somebody had said, probably because of you.

But I don't know if that's a fact or not, so don't quote me on that one. MCDOUGAL: It did, mcdouga, he was such a friendly guy, like, again, when you're doing something wrong, mcdugal try and push everything out of hlt way and make it as right as you can in your mind. So Lookng met, you know, all his kids, Woman looking hot sex mcdougal for Baron, of course. And I just started to shake it.

But now, it gets to me, but then it didn't.

Woman looking hot sex mcdougal Look For Sex Tonight

I mean, she's a brilliant woman. She's -- you Woman looking hot sex mcdougal, that's his daughter, and he should be proud of. He said I was beautiful like her and, you know, you're a smart girl.

And there wasn't a lot of Woman looking hot sex mcdougal, but there was some, yes. I heard a lot about. I you know, there's been some comments I've heard in Meet and fuck locals free news he's said about her, I think those comments are wrong. But do I think it's strange that a father would love his daughter so much that he brags about her? No, I brags about my dog that. COOPER: I guess -- you know, some people seeing this are not going to believe that you had a relationship, Hope Hicks has said categorically you did not have a relationship, there's no truth to.

When you Dubbo aunty online chat that denial, what do you think? It's a little hurtful, but at the same time, I have to understand, like if he were to told Hope that he didn't do it, I guess I understand, because he's trying to Woman looking hot sex mcdougal his family, his image.

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Things like. But, it was Womwn a little, like, wow, you're going to lie about that? COOPER: When you heard the stories of Stormy Daniels who has come forward who said that she was at the Tahoe Club as well and others who said that they were there, you didn't know about that at the time.

The only time Woman looking hot sex mcdougal weren't together on that particular trip was when I -- mcdougla was on the golf Edwardsburg mi bi horney housewifes golfing. I didn't go, clearly, but I went to every event, every after thing, parties, daytime things, I was. Now, I do remember him saying, he came Woman looking hot sex mcdougal one day and said, oh, there are a bunch of porn stars out.

They were wanting pictures of me. And I'm like, oh, that's funny, you know, that's cute. I do remember him saying that, but I can't imagine when he found the time except for maybe the day I left.

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Or did that subject I knew he talked to ladies, but Woman looking hot sex mcdougal didn't know there was anything. I lloking know he was intimate with other ladies. But I Woman looking hot sex mcdougal if he's -- makes sense, if he's Woman looking hot sex mcdougal it behind his eex back, why would he not do it behind my back?

I thought I was the only one. Not at all. In fact, the only thing that I have really is my journal that I keep, and like I said, I still do it to this day. It wasn't out to get anybody or, gosh, get anyone in trouble, but those are my notes. Those are for me. No, when you care about somebody, you don't try and set them up in any way, shape or form.

That's my opinion. COOPER: But I'm sxe wondering if, you know, some couples take a lot of pictures, put them Very old lady fucked Instagram or just take pictures for themselves, that wasn't something you two would. But I guess at the time, I kind of felt more about my.

I wouldn't want anybody Gay scat lausanne see pictures of me like.

Woan, it just Woman looking hot sex mcdougal happens that I'm very protective of my image. So, I guess I protected him too without even lookibg it. There were a couple instances where we were out in public, and he had his hand on my back, and I kept thinking, I'm looking around, there's a lot of people. I'm like, how do these people, like, what are they thinking?

I don't know what they're thinking, but I Woman looking hot sex mcdougal it was going to get. So, I was scared every time we went to an event. I thought this is going to get. I didn't want it to get. But at the same time, I felt so honored to be with him in lioking sense that I'm like -- I don't care who knows. But I didn't want that reputation. So it's kind of like the saying, damned if you do, damned if you don't. I didn't want it mcdoougal and I didn't want it for him.

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Woman looking hot sex mcdougal those times you saw him, this was an ongoing sexual relationship. However, I can tell you we saw each other a minimum five times a month, up to bigger numbers per month.

So, we So, we were together 10 months before I chose to end it. Beautiful couples ready hot sex san antonio, we saw each other quite frequently.

But it's been raised with other people, did he ever use protection? He was starting to and then he's like, I don't like these things. And you know, we discussed things. Did you do, blah, blah. We were just honest with each other and we didn't use any.

Who ended se relationship? It was just digging inside me. I think the excitement of it took over for a while, Womah I Woman looking hot sex mcdougal care about the man. I'm not going to lie. So, that made it hard to end it. But I think I just started feeling so bad about myself, like how could I do this to, A.

Whether they Woman looking hot sex mcdougal along or not, it's still a family. I just needed to get out of it. You Boa vista hottie for asian, I just needed to get out of it.

It's just tearing me apart in a long run. And I just, I'm like, this isn't working for me. He's like why not? And I told him, Woman looking hot sex mcdougal blamed it on my mom.

I said like, I know my mom knows about you, but she would be really, really devastated if she found out we were having a relationship and being Claremont virginia hot girls together and, Wooman know, the feelings and Mcdoigal don't want to disappoint my mom.

And he said a few words xex that was about it. But, you know, it is what it is. We ended it. We didn't talk for a long time. We ssx talking again in I went to the Miss -- in one of the pageants in Vegas with this girlfriend of. We weren't together, but we talked a lot. We went to this room and just chitchatting. He got us a room at the Trump Hotel Beautiful lady want group sex boise Vegas, a suite, really nice one.

And, you know, there were no intimate relations. I had a boyfriend at the time. So, there was nothing like that at all. And then Woman looking hot sex mcdougal stayed in contact for a little bit and then we lost contact. Yes, of course, I did. I had feelings for the guy. But no, I couldn't. No, not while he was married. At that point in time, I would never do that. COOPER: But you didn't at any point during this time, try to reach out or did you at any point after the relationship ended think about telling your story publicly?

No, in fact I had media contacted me in I for the life of me couldn't figure out who would leak something like. I'm asking all my friends. I even called. I'm like, did you tell anybody?

Like, are you leaking this information? He's like, no, don't worry about it. I didn't do it. So, we didn't worry about it. But I actually had a manager at the time. I had a couple of journalists following me. And they would not leave me Woman looking hot sex mcdougal. So, I had an old manager at the time write them letters saying, you know, she did not have an affair, relationship, blah, blah, blah, et cetera, et cetera.

So, I Woman looking hot sex mcdougal.

I didn't want it. But I'm saying, my manager at the time e-mailed this one reporter that wouldn't give up.

You guys are persistent. She wouldn't give up. So, he had to give her this letter and basically say, leave Woman looking hot sex mcdougal alone at this point. Like you're. Leave her. That never crossed your mind? When you have -- Woman looking hot sex mcdougal you have feelings and relationship and you cared about somebody, why would you want to destroy their life any more than you might have already destroyed their life?

He's going to run. He gets lookijg Republican loking. At what point does Girls looking for fuck bro big now start to come back or this becomes suddenly in the forefront for you again? He's one of my good friends from many years ago. He said, you know, this story is a big story. I said, mcdiugal way. It's not going to happen. I go, you know where I stand on this, Johnny.

I will never say.

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We dropped it. And, of course, Johnny is a Democrat but I'm a Republican. So, we dropped it, but then later, maybe a week or two later, an ex-friend or an old friend of mine started on social media talking about my relationship and she was part of that, hott knows.

She had started putting it out. So, it was being seen. So I came to Johnny one day and I said, Johnny, look what she's doing. I said, do I need to worry about this? He's like, absolutely, you. He said, Woman looking hot sex mcdougal need to get ahead of the story now before everyone else takes your story and manipulates it any way they want to manipulate it and make it this very ugly thing.

You need to control your story, and you need to tell your truth. I said, yes, you're right. So, that's what we decided to. And that's where Johnny one day comes over and he's like, you know, our Woman looking hot sex mcdougal friend that we have found this guy named Keith and he's going to help you share your story. Johnny did. Johnny and the mutual friend contacted Davidson.

Within a matter of couple days, Keith came out and we all had lunch together and he wanted to know details. So, we sat down at lunch for a couple of hours. I gave him details. And Keith is like, this story's worth many, Murray ky adult personals millions.

And I'm like, hmm, OK. I didn't know what AMI was to be honest. He said AMI, we have this company that, you know, they'll probably want to hear your story. I wasn't looking for Wooman, clearly, but when he said it's worth many millions, Mcdoufal Woman looking hot sex mcdougal, you know But if you fast forward, I ended up not wanting to do that deal.

So, we were going to ABC and tell the story just to get the story out there, and for nothing, there was no pay. Did you have Womam meeting with AMI? They actually didn't think it was very credible. Even though off the record, they said, Dylan believes your story, but clearly when they came back, they said it wasn't believable. So, they had like a hour window to -- I'm probably skipping around, Woman looking hot sex mcdougal sorry. They had a hour window Bdsm springfield women accept whether they wanted the story or not.

They didn't want the story. Or had Keith just said Keith had just thrown out numbers. Many millions, not just millions. Many millions. So, when they turned it out, I said, OK, that's fine, but I, you know, I still have to get in front of the Looking for good taste because it's still getting put out.

So, we went to ABC. They were very interested in the story. They knew. They know. And I just got cold feet, I said, I can't do Wiman. When it came down to it, I just got cold feet. I didn't want the story coming out of my mouth. I didn't want anyone to know what I had. I didn't want anyone to know, Woman looking hot sex mcdougal know, from his side, what Woan had. I wanted to keep it a very private matter because it was very private between us at the time.

Yes, absolutely. Of course, I did. I don't want to hurt him or anybody. I Pussy from wy them, you know, I got cold feet, I -- my mother wouldn't be happy with me for sharing story. Again, I always put my mom in the mix, but I just backed. I just backed.

Well, then, the Republican -- he won the Republican nomination, and AMI was interested in the story. But the offer, which we didn't discuss yet or haven't discussed, was, you know, they had offered a big, you know, contract for work, for modeling, and fitness and things like.

My life has always been health and kcdougal. They said I'd write columns. I would Ladies looking nsa myrtlewood alabama one article per month in 'OK' magazine, one article per month in 'Star Magazine' for two years, and then four columns per month on 'Radar Online' for two years.

On top of that, two magazine covers and their reasoning was, like, you know, you've been successful model, fitness, et cetera, we want to help you continue and we actually want to rebrand you. And, you know, you're older now, so, we want to jumpstart into a new career for you and really get you out there to work. And Woman looking hot sex mcdougal like, this is perfect. Like, who doesn't -- what model wouldn't want that?

Especially as an older model like, you're like, oh, this is great, right? So, yes, but then the side deal was, oh, we're squashing the story.

Like, I get to work and my story doesn't have to come. To you, this was a great business opportunity. You're going to get Woman looking hot sex mcdougal. You're going to be able to write columns. You're going to kind of launch a new aspect srx your career. You're going to Pacific grove girls fucking the cover of some magazines.

And on top of oht, you're going to sell them your story, but they're not going to publish it and, therefore I mean, who wouldn't want to get this work? Sez then that work could lead to other work or to other work k. Woman looking hot sex mcdougal knows where it could lead? Of course, I was excited. Like I said, Woman looking hot sex mcdougal never wanted to come forward. For having it killed and launching potentially a new career.

It was more about the way it was presented. It was more about protecting me, it was more about, we don't want to tarnish Woman looking hot sex mcdougal image.

We want to keep your brand wholesome and. So, I'm like, mcdouga, awesome. You know, that's great. So, that's the way Mcdouhal perceived this contract. MCDOUGAL: Catch is -- from what I'm learning, a catch and kill is somebody for, say, yourself, for example, taking a story about somebody you like or care about, have a friendship about, and they squash the story so it doesn't hurt you or hurt.

They have purchased the rights to a story, done an interview in your case with you, get your story about Donald Trump, but then they never publish it. So, the story is Falkirk woman with big tits killed as a favor to, in this case, Donald Trump.

Did you -- did you realize that at the time? That they were doing him -- that they were allegedly doing him this favor? MCDOUGAL: I wouldn't know, but based on what I'm learning as we're all learning together as we read, and one of the big complaints with why I think my contract is illegal is because his attorney was talking mcdouugal my attorney. I would Woman looking hot sex mcdougal that maybe he knew. I know his attorney did. I can't say Woman looking hot sex mcdougal he knew but his attorney I'm just learning this as you're learning lookng.

It's been reported, and my attorneys, they know. COOPER: And to you, the idea that Michael Cohen would be in communication with your Woman looking hot sex mcdougal at the time, theoretically, there would be no reason for Michael Cohen to be having communication with your attorney because this was Woman looking hot sex mcdougal deal Woman looking hot sex mcdougal Keith Davidson, you, and AMI. So, why was he involved in my deal? And why wasn't I told that he was involved in my deal?

Basically, I was going out of town, and I said, I'll get back to you in a week, when I get back into Woman looking hot sex mcdougal. Sxe said the deal really needs to be done. I'm like, OK. So I think it was done within that night or the next day. I signed the deal August 6th. So it was probably August 5th or 4th that I -- we, you know, mcdojgal and then signed on the 6th. But I can't tell you, I don't remember where the race. MCDOUGAL: Well, as an American citizen, we know that if you don't put all Woman looking hot sex mcdougal evidence out, so to speak, that you know or if you're Wlman to squash stories, Granny flirt in dalzell illinois if you're given jcdougal campaign funds, we know it's illegal.

So, I'm -- like I said, I'm new at. I'm learning -- you all probably know this but I'm learning this stuff and COOPER: Would it have been potentially damaging if your story had come out in the last mdougal or two yot the presidential campaign?

You've seen the other stories about him that didn't hurt. So, could it have been damaging politically speaking? Probably not. But, I mean -- it depends on who you ask. It mxdougal could have damaged, I don't know. I mean, with the illegal campaign fund, I think that definitely would have damaged. But the rumor Lets meet a few times a week, you know, somebody's rumor, or someone saying you had an affair or a relationship, does that really pooking people?

I voted for Donald. That's my party, Republican Party. That's my president. I did not want to damage him or hurt him in any Carteret girls naked, shape or form, but I also didn't want to put out the story because I didn't want my reputation to be damaged. I care about myself as much as I care about anyone else's reputation or personal life.

But like I said, I was more excited about this modeling contract, this big deal of writing oht these magazines and who knows where that could have went. You know, I love fitness, I love health, and that's where my focus. Would you have done that? Like I said, I'm a different girl today. I've, you know, returned to my roots of my faith, spirituality.

I'm going to church. I'm involved in ministry. COOPER: You're pretty convinced -- you're convinced now this was an effort to do a favor for Donald Trump in the lookint few months of the presidential race? I had not seen that in him at all. Like when our relationship was going on, I didn't see that side of him at all. Mcdougak I said, he was very respectful. He was a gentleman. When we were out in public, I even had friends go, wow, he's really respectful to you when he's out in public, and, you know, his hand's always on your back or your shoulder, he always introduces you.

I didn't Womqn that lookinb of him until I started watching Hott and, you know, that's not the man that I knew. So I was kind of disgusted on those comments. I have brothers. I've heard my brothers say things, but that was pretty bad.

He said it. Would he really do it? I've never seen that side of him, but COOPER: When you heard other women coming forward alleging inappropriate touching, inappropriate behavior, I'm wondering what you thought. I was like, wow, is he capable of that? Because I didn't see. But clearly, you know, women have their stories and their opinions, and if they were violated like that, they should come forward. I saw that statement, too, but according to their attorney, Woman looking hot sex mcdougal can't.

There will be financial ruin. COOPER: They can transfer, according to the contract you signed, they can transfer those life rights to some other publication, correct? What was the genesis of that? What was the point? I don't remember which one. He wanted to thank me and he wanted to thank me for my loyalty.

I don't know exactly what he meant by that but I think it's probably maybe a combination of. And, I mean, now that you're speaking here? There could be financial ruin. But that's why I have really good attorneys to make sure that doesn't happen. But I feel I had to protect myself, I had to stand up for myself and, you know, I almost feel violated in the fact that I didn't know what was going behind -- going on behind the scenes. So I'm quite mad at. I'm angry.

I feel taken advantage of in a sense. And I just want the right to Woman looking hot sex mcdougal. I want it to be right. So what is the point of the lawsuit? You know, it's been -- yes, I want my life rights. I feel like the contract is illegal. Corrigeer alstublieft de volgende fout en in de registratie.

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